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Sophie's story of pregnancy fatigue

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Back in 2020, I discovered I was pregnant on the first day of lockdown, and shortly after, I tested positive for COVID-19. What a start to the year! It was a time that pushed me to rethink everything.

Like many women during pregnancy, I experienced extreme fatigue. Despite getting good sleep, I felt constantly drained and lacked energy. A simple blood test from my doctor revealed the issue: low iron levels.

I started taking iron supplements throughout my pregnancy, and to be honest, they helped a lot! However, with my background in biotechnology and a career in healthcare, I couldn't just take supplements without digging deeper. I was shocked to learn how widespread iron deficiency is—it's the most underestimated nutrient deficiency. While many people turn to magnesium and vitamin C, adequate iron support can significantly boost energy levels. I was also surprised to see that 70% of people experience gut issues and side effects from iron supplements. These issues arise when low-quality iron forms are poorly absorbed, generating free oxygen radicals that cause inflammation and disrupt the microbiome.

Iron is also crucial for postpartum recovery. After giving birth, a woman's body needs to replenish the iron lost during childbirth to support healing, restore energy levels, and ensure overall well-being. Adequate iron levels help combat postpartum fatigue, support the production of new red blood cells, and aid in the recovery of tissues.

Inspired by my own experience and the research around iron deficiency, I decided to develop a better solution. That's how FERRO FATIGUE REDUX was born—an innovative iron supplement that fights fatigue while protecting our precious gut microbiome.

Our approach with Ferro Fatigue Redux includes alternate dosing, which means taking iron supplements every other day. This method minimizes gastrointestinal discomfort and the impact on the microbiome while maximizing iron absorption. By giving the body a full day to rest from iron intake, we ensure better tolerance and effectiveness.

We also chose to enrich our formula with probiotics. Our special strains, such as Lactobacillus fermentum IQB2411, are scientifically proven to enhance iron absorption in the gut and maintain a healthy balance of the microbiome. They act as iron transformers, reducing unabsorbed iron's negative impact and promoting overall digestive health.

Whenever I feel extremely tired and unfocused for an extended period, I know it's my body's signal. Each time I start with Ferro Fatigue Redux, I notice an immediate difference in my daily life, with more energy and focus. It's my magic wand to stay energized and focused as a busy entrepreneur mom.

I hope my experience can help others!

Sophie, Co-founder Biodami

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