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Sophie's story of pregnancy fatigue

Pregnancy test  in hand

Back to 2020… I learned I was pregnant the first day of lockdown, and a few days later I was diagnosed positive for COVID-19. What a start of the year!  A year that has blown up the status quos – a year that also accelerated my willingness to do things differently....

Like most women during pregnancy, I've been hit by that extreme fatigue, and despite good nights of sleep, I kept on feeling extremely tired, with lack of energy, always felt 'down'. All it took from my doctor to found out the source of the issue was a blood test, confirming my iron levels were too low.

So I had to start taking iron supplements. I did it during my whole pregnancy, and to be honest... IT HELPED!

But with my biotechnology background, and all my career in the healthcare industry, I'm way too curious to keep on taking supplements without doing a bit of investigation myself... First I was shocked when I realized iron deficiency affects so many people, it is really the most underestimated nutrient deficiency!  Nowadays people have the reflex to turn to magnesium and vitamin C supplements, while in many cases an adequate support for iron levels would make a great difference in their energy levels. Then I was surprised to see the very high incidence of gut issues and side effects with iron supplementation (70%)... caused by iron itself, when used in low quality form and badly absorbed, that generates in our body free oxygen radicals that cause inflammation and then disturb the microbiome.  

Inspired by my experience (me realizing ' oh so there is lots of people actually needing iron supplementation without even knowing it!!) and by the science and research avalaible around iron deficiency, I decided it was time to find a better solution and started to develop a breakthrough approach in iron supplementation...that's how FERRO FATIGUE REDUX was created, tackling the need for an iron supplementation to fight fatigue while protecting our precious gut microbiome!

Anytime I feel very tired, with difficult focus, for a prolonged period of time, I know it's my body's signal/alarm, and now each time I start a cure of  Ferro Fatigue Redux, and I feel the difference in my daily life immediately, with more energy, it is a it my magic wand to stay energized and focused as a busy entrepreneur mom :).

Hoping my experience can help other people!




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Pack shot of Ferro Fatigue Redux. Complex of microbiotics, high dose iron, vitamin C, folic acid and calcium. Good for energy levels, digestive comfort, vegans, pregnancy and athletes Ferro Fatigue REDUX