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At Biodami, we believe that a healthy gut is the foundation of overall wellness. Our Bioceutical™ Blends harness the power of the microbiome to provide targeted support for your health. Join the movement towards a healthier future. #revolubiome !

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The Gut-Body Axis

The concept of the "gut-everything" connection lies at the heart of our mission. Your gut influences not just digestion, but every aspect of your health, including immunity, skin health, mental well-being, and even longevity.

Our Bioceutical™ Blends are specifically formulated to support this intricate gut-body axis, empowering you to take control of your health and thrive by nurturing a balanced and healthy microbiome.

Science-Backed and Proven Effective

Our Bioceutical™ Blends combine probiotics with vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients to target the microbiome. Validated by scientists, each microbiotics strain is carefully selected and tested in third-party labs to ensure quality and efficacy. At Biodami, we create clinically relevant supplements that deliver real results.

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  • "Innovative and a new generation of probiotics"

    "Biodami represents a new generation of probiotics that specifically address clinical symptoms to improve the quality of life and effectively support the therapy of patients"

    Dr. rer. nat. Dorothea Portius
    Nutrition Scientist and Author of 'Nutrition that protects us'
  • "Crucial for maintaining overall health"

    "The gut microbiome, often referred to as our "second brain," is the cornerstone of health due to its profound impact on various aspects of our well-being. This complex community of trillions of microbes residing in our gastrointestinal tract plays a pivotal role in digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function. Moreover, the gut microbiome is intricately linked to our mental health, influencing mood, stress responses, and cognitive function. It also regulates inflammation and metabolism, impacting weight management and the risk of chronic diseases"

    Giorgia Rutigliani
    Human Nutrition Specialist
  • "Unlocking Our Microbiota's Potential"

    "Recent scientific research links imbalances in our gut microbiota to various conditions, including acne, eczema, allergies, and even anxiety and neurodegenerative diseases. Leveraging advancements in selective bioactives, BIODAMI delivers sophisticated probiotic strategies designed to support and maintain this crucial equilibrium for holistic health enhancement"

    Dra. Michele Verastegui
    Medical Doctor - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Prof. Oana Pop profile

    "Outstanding Approach"

    "Gut microbiota modulation through probiotic intake can affect the iron absorption, but the type of ingested iron is also essential. Cytotoxicity of the unabsorbed iron on the gut cells needs to be extensively addressed and tailored supplements can bring an outstanding approach in iron deficiency treatment"

    Associate Dr. Prof. Oana Pop
    Microbiome Researcher - Cluj Napoca University
Kristina & Sophie met during their careers in the pharmaceutical industry

The Story Behind Biodami: Meet Our Founders

Behind every great brand, there's a story of passion, dedication, and innovation. Biodami was born out of our founders personal quest for better health and a deeper understanding of the microbiome. Experiencing firsthand the transformative power of a balanced microbiome, they turned their expertise in pharmaceutical development and biomedical sciences into the innovative foundation of our unique Bioceutical™ Blends. Join us on this journey and unlock the power of your microbiome.

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