Everyone experiences stress occasionally. The brain and the gut are bidirectionally communicating: our emotions impact the gut, and the gut impacts our emotions. Recent advances in research have established the importance of gut microbiome in influencing these interactions:

  • Magnesium naturally dampens our stress response by offsetting the hyperactivation of a body mechanism called the HPA axis. However, chronic stress reduces magnesium levels and modern diets tend to be poor in magnesium.
  • Our microbiome also interacts with the  HPA axis. It’s not a coincidence that you feel stress in your gut! Chronic stress-induced HPA axis activation could result in dysbiosis in the gut and gut discomfort. 

This gut discomfort can sometimes trigger a stress response leading to a vicious circle of both physical and physiological effects.

DIGEST STRESS RELAX is a scientist formulated food supplement designed to answer the need to tackle both the stress and the digestive comfort by protecting the gut microbiome from the stress effects.